Under the direct management of Total Install Services Business Unit a unique value added capability is available for companies seeking world class Installation and Repair of a vast array of Premise Equipment. These services are available for Telco’s, Cable Companies and Satellite TV providers. Specialty Technologies includes IPTV and integrated GPON Triple play (voice, data, video) systems. The Total Install team has developed a Managed Scope Approach (Workforce Management and Dispatch, Technician Oversight, and Key Performance Metrics) for delivery of its services. Services are typically provided under a unit price agreement with a commitment to meet all defined quality, delivery and customer satisfaction Service Level Agreements. Typical Total Install Services include the following:

  • IPTV installation and repair

  • FTTH

  • GPON Integrated Services – Triple Play (VOICE, DATA, VIDEO)

  • DSL/Internet installation and repair

  • Voice installation and repair

  • Satellite TV installation and repair

  • Inside wiring

Fusion Splicing

Total Install technicians work daily in the networks of our customers to bring fast and reliable service for all of their splicing needs. TI has a fully competent staff of experienced fiber technicians able to handle any splicing project put before them.

Our experienced personnel have worked in almost every fiber cable situation imaginable. TI technicians are experienced in both aerial and underground construction methods of cable placement, splicing and testing. All of our work is completion tested and thoroughly documented upon project completion.

From active system cutovers on transport and distribution fibers to the newest cell tower based information technologies, our goal is to stay the leader in fiber based communication splicing

Multi Dwelling Units

A MDU Project requires an increased level of experience beyond telecommunications and cable installation alone. For effective performance, an MDU contractor must understand work across many different skill sets. Often, Multi-dwelling unit projects are already inhabited by current residents, so communication, planning and consideration of their personal space is paramount.

MDU construction also requires a sound understanding of past and present building code and practices. Re-wires require everyday construction skills such as sheetrock repairs and trim work, but most importantly, without an understanding of how the building was made and what materials are used, it is impossible to determine the best way to complete the job. For example, if any major changes are made to the exterior of the building, or if fire walls need to be penetrated, then special considerations will need to be made to insure that the integrity of the building remains intact and uniform with current code requirements. Existing structures have hidden cables, pipes and conduits throughout, if your contractor has a limited understanding of these issues, you and your customer could be in for some unforeseen headaches and costly escalations.

Total Install Video Voice Data Inc. MDU Team has the experience and our MDU Crews are professional, polite, uniformed, and sensitive to the customers’ needs. We make sure that we are always available for questions, and respond to any escalations promptly. We have years of construction experience on our team with staff that holds Residential and Commercial Building Licenses.

Total Install Video Voice Data Inc. Specializes in post-wire and new construction projects using low voltage and cat-5 wiring throughout projects such as custom multi-story cabling in apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels, hospitals, schools, and dormitories. We replace outdated loop system wiring with new state of the art High-definition (HD) capable wiring using tried and true, professional construction methods.

In most applications the wires are hidden neatly in conduit on the outside of buildings then channeled throughout the structure using a series of wall fishes or concealed in track molding.

Total Install Video Voice Data Inc. also specializes in low-voltage pre-wiring of new multi-dwelling (MDU) complexes. Home runs are routed to network panels where the wiring is distributed to dedicated locations throughout the units. We are experts at multi-story cabling solutions; from core bores to final wall plate installations, Total Install Video Voice Data Inc. delivers a turnkey operation.

Outside Plant Construction

Since its inception, Total Install has been a primary provider of outside plant placement and splicing services throughout the region for local exchange carriers. As a single-source contractor, TI is responsible for coordinating the necessary resources, labor and material, as well as being a single point of contact to the customers, while ensuring the work is completed on schedule to pre-determined quality standards. This work includes all phases of construction, from buried, underground or aerial placement and splicing of copper, and fiber optic cable, to installation of wire services at private businesses and residences.

Our years of outside construction experience have enabled TI to offer a complete solution for private companies and institutions seeking to extend their phone and data networks across multiple buildings-even when those buildings are located several miles from one another. Our services include coordinating with local city authorities, handling government-permitting requirements, and working with local utility providers.

At TI, we own and maintain all of our own equipment for outside network construction projects (see our equipment list for more details). Our full-time staff of outside technicians and site managers is dedicated to outside work-and only outside work-due to the highly specialized requirements of this type of construction. You can be confident that TI professionals will deliver your outside project on time and on schedule with the utmost attention to quality and safety.

Aerial & Underground Utilities

Total Install only uses the best equipment to provide the highest quality of work. We have an extensive fleet of aerial trucks and equipment that can do everything from upgrades to maintenance and repair. Furthermore, we are capable of creating entirely new systems for our clients. The employees at Total Install are licensed and trained to handle any type of project.

Some of the aerial construction services that Total Install offers include the following :

  • Aerial Lash and Strand Construction

  • Aerial OPGW Construction

  • Aerial Power Construction

  • Bridge/Interstate crossings

  • Cable De-Lash

  • Cable Placement

  • Cable Re-Lash

  • Closure Installation (Splice Closures are installed by Technical Services)

  • Pole Installation

  • Pole Transfers

  • Riser Placements

  • Strand Placement

We care about the safety of our Total Install employees and always take the highest precautions necessary when working in the field. By following safety guidelines, we believe that we can sharply reduce or eliminate the number of accidents sustained by our Total Install employees.